A thorough home inspection, as it should be.

Residential inspection includes thermal imaging and foundation elevation measurements. Electronic reports, complete with pictures, in your inbox within 24 hours.

About Inspector Norm

Norm Ballinger


TREC license #22245

Inspector Norm

Norm Ballinger founded Inspector Norm, PLLC from a strong background in home construction and design, assuring the home buyer of superior professionalism.

"Inspector Norm was awesome! He responded to our request immediately. His inspection of our home was very thorough, professional and efficient. His report was timely and provided photos (including thermal images) and recommendations. All this for a reasonable fee. We recommend Inspector Norm to anyone needing a house inspection." - Alicia G

For over 30 years Norm has been in the residential construction and remodeling industry with an emphasis on Green and Natural building methods. From designing a home from the bottom up to remodeling a garage, even renovation and repairs on homes built in the 1920's, Norm has worked with clients and code officials in all phases of home construction. He has taught workshops in strawbale and cob construction, as well as informal carpentry classes. He also worked for 6 years as a swimming pool service technician, so pool inspections are no problem.

Designing a house requires attention to a multitude of details and an extensive knowledge of construction practices and codes. Norm has the experience, patience and careful eye to assure a thorough inspection. He is passionate about continuous education, always new things to learn, and applying his knowledge towards a thorough and well-informed inspection.

Contact Inspector Norm

Contact Inspector Norm at 512-921-9482.

Home Inspections

I offer full-service home inspections that include structure, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical, and appliances.

I also inspect water supply systems in the home, hydro-massage therapy equipment, cook-tops, ovens, garage door operators, doorbells, dryer vents and many other details.

Thermal Imaging

A home inspection from Inspector Norm using thermal imaging can show you issues that may exist that are invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging, or Infra Red (IR), can help identify undisclosed or undiscovered problems that could cost thousands of dollars. Other inspection companies charge an extra fee for thermal imaging. Inspector Norm includes a thermal image scan with every home inspection.


Wood destroying insects: It’s advised that you have your home inspected for wood-destroying insects at least once a year, or if you suspect termite activity.

Rainwater Systems Inspections
wood destroying insect inspections