Scope of inspection

A real estate inspection is a visual and operational assessment of the home. This involves a close look at the various aspects of the structure, roof, electrical system, basic operation of the heating and air conditioning*, plumbing and fixed appliances.

Inspector Norm has acquired multiple certificates and licenses to provide a top quality home inspection. Foundation elevations are included with every inspection.

*Central air conditioners cannot be inspected when outdoor temperature is below 60° for conventional systems and 65° for heat pumps (cooling mode).

Standard home inspections include:

Structural systems:

Foundations, grading and drainage, roof covering and structure, walls, floor and ceiling structure, windows, doors, stairways, fireplace and chimneys, porches and carports.

Structural Systems Inspections

Electrical systems:

Main service and branch circuits, Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC). Heating and cooling systems, ductwork.

Electrical Systems Inspection


Supply and fixtures, drains, water heater, hydro-massage tub.

Plumbing Inspection


Dishwashers, disposers, cooking exhaust systems, ranges, cooktops, ovens, bathroom exhaust and heaters, garage door openers, dryer exhaust.

Appliance Inspection

Optional services

These services are optional and require an extra fee.

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