Additional Services, Licenses, and Specialties

termites and wood destroying insects

Wood Destroying Insect (WDI), or Termite Inspection:

I am also licensed by the State of Texas to identify conditions that are conducive to insect infestation as well as the type of insect that can damage property. Termite inspections are delivered in PDF format in a separate report. Termite inspections are recommended once per year.

Sprinkler Systems:

I check for the presence of a zone map, which helps you locate areas of watering when you set the program. I will operate every zone to check for correct function and orientation, such as whether a spray head is discharging onto a building.

Sprinkler Systems
Pool & Spa Inspections

Pools and Spas:

Inspection of the pool and spa includes evaluation of the materials, equipment and safety features.

Rainwater Harvest System:

Inspection includes evaluation of the tank(s), roof drainage system, overflow, the presence and condition of pump and plumbing.

Rain Water Harvesting

Alternative Building Systems:

I have over 20 years of experience with natural and alternative building practices and materials. I have designed and/or built homes and other structures using strawbale, cob/adobe, timber frame, papercrete, and earth blocks as well as hybrid systems using natural and local materials. Strawbale doesn’t blow me away like it does other inspectors (I just had to say that). I don’t know of any other inspectors in Texas who are experienced with these systems.

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