Electrical Systems and HVAC

thermal imaging

Panels and Service

Thermal imaging is included with every residential inspection. I use a FLIR™ camera to help identify when circuits on the electric panels are overloaded. It’s my job to open every panel, if accessible, to see that the visible connections are done correctly, wire size and type, and overall safety of the electrical system.


Lighting and Fixtures

During a residential inspection every accessible outlet is checked for correct wiring, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets at their correct locations, and the operation of installed light and fans and switches. Residential inspections do not include portable or plugged-in items.


Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation (HVAC)

I test every unit for normal operation and response to controls. I will open up a gas furnace, if present, and test the firing to be sure of correct combustion. Condensers are the outside portion of the air conditioner (AC), so they have to endure weather exposure. Residential inspection includes evaluating the condenser, coolant lines, power supply, ductwork, and any other portion of the system that I can visually inspect.

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