Structural systems


I use a Zip Levelâ„¢ for a precise measurement of the foundation, included with every home inspection. Most home inspectors only provide a visual assessment. Consulting a Structural Engineer or foundation specialist can be costly, so the need for certainty is important when recommending further evaluation.


The area around a house contributes a great deal to the lifetime performance of the foundation. The lay of the land can also impact entranceways, driveways, garages, and other building components. Home inspection of the grading also includes assessment of foliage and trees that can impact the structure, the presence of gutters and the roof drainage system.

Building Components

Home inspection of the roof, walls, window, ceilings, floor, fireplace and chimneys, stairways, doors, porches, and attached structures such as garages and carports are all looked at for functionality. Every accessible window and door will be opened and closed, locks assessed. As you may have guessed by now, I look at literally thousands of components and evaluate their condition during a home inspection. I include Thermal Imaging with every inspection to assess the condition of attic insulation and help identify plumbing leaks.

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